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Email List
Email List

FLIGHT offers an email list to facilitate communication among the homeschooling community.

What is an email list? An email list is a group of people interested in the same topic (in this case, homeschooling). Instead of emailing a group of people by entering their individual addresses into your email "to" box, you instead enter the list address to mail to all of the list members at once. When you email the list, then all members of the list receive a copy of the email, as if you'd addressed it directly to them.

Mailing To the List Members

To send an email to all list subscribers, address your email to .

You must join the list before you can successfully email the list members.

Joining the List

In order to protect the privacy of our members, and avoid unsolicited junk mail, the FLIGHT list is a private mailing list. Joining is a simple process:

  1. Email your subscription request (details below).
  2. Patiently wait for your request to be processed by a real person!
  3. Once your request is processed, you will receive an automated email from Google Groups that will include an invitation for you to join the email list. You MUST follow the directions in the invitation to complete your subscription. If you have not received the expected invitation within a few days, be sure to check your junk mail settings and folders, as the email from Google may have been misinterpreted as junk mail.
It's that simple!

To request to join the list, click here to email the following information.

  • Your name
  • Your mailing address
  • A statement that you are a homeschooling family in the Cedar Rapids area

If clicking here to send your subscription request via email doesn't work, send your request directly to "join @ crflight.org".

You must join the list before you can successfully email the list members.

List Guidelines

These guidelines are offered to help you and others enjoy the list.

  • The purpose of the list is to facilitate communication among local homeschooling families.
  • Prayer requests are encouraged. However, please keep the requests directly related to you. For instance, "Please pray for my son" and "Please pray for my friend Carol" are OK. However, "Please pray for a friend of my friend" and "Please pray for a missionary that I read about on a Web site" are not directly related to you. And, of course, be sensitive to any confidentiality issues; often it is sufficient to provide only a few details.
  • Use the list to inform us of homeschooling events of interests, such as field trips and activity reminders.
  • Use the list to ask questions or seek recommendations about curriculum options, teaching plans, and local services, for instance.
  • Use the list to seek or sell curriculum or other homeschooling material. It's also OK to occasionally advertise other items for sale (such as a washer/dryer) that you think might be of interest to a homeschooling family.
  • Information about your home business is OK as long as you don't overdo it. Two or three emails a year are plenty unless you have a service of particular and direct interest to homeschoolers.
  • Keep your emails personal. Your thoughts are much more interesting than what you read or heard from some one else. For instance, "We just had a great experience with Hooked on Frog Legs" is preferred to "Please read this email that I just received from some expert at some Web site that says that you'll have a great experience with Hooked on Frog Legs."
  • Some people don't have fast Internet access, so large file attachments that you might be able to send in only a few minutes might take hours for others to download. So, instead of sending pictures or videos, send us a link to where we can see your pictures or videos. (Many Web sites provide free photo albums.)
  • Keep in mind that the two binding factors of our list are "homeschooling" and "Christian". Homeschoolers have a remarkable breadth of interests and opinions, not all of which will be shared by everyone on the list. Thus, we ask for discernment by the sender and grace by the recipients.
  • Given the breadth of our interests and opinions, you may occasionally receive an email that isn't of interest to you. We hope you'll just delete it and find that the list is still of help to you!
  • Rarely a topic is started that results in inflamed passions or is deemed off-topic for this list. This doesn't happen often, but when it does, a moderator may step in and ask that the conversation be taken off list.
  • Finally, consider whether to send any replies directly to the email author or to the list. Email the author when a private reply is best; email the list when your response might be of general interest.

Finally, a Note About Politics

While we encourage Spirit-led voting and political involvement, this is not a pro-Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Socialist, or Theocracy mailing list. Many parties and politicians have publicly stated opinions about religious freedom and home education, and we encourage you to be informed voters and citizens. While we are in favor of honest and vigorous debate on the issues, this is not the forum for such debate or political proselytizing.

We recognize that religion, politics, and education are intersecting interests, but desire that our list not become politicized with "information" and "endorsements". This is a fine line, sometimes difficult to distinguish. Perhaps a few examples will help clarify our intention.

GOOD: "I’m taking my kids today to hear Candidate X speak. I find that these are good opportunities to teach about how our faith impacts our life and political views."

GOOD: "I've found some information that offers what appears to be fair comparison of the candidates. You may find it helpful too."

NOT-SO-GOOD: "A true Christian would never vote for Ben Franklin since I read on the Internet that he was a Mason."

NOT-SO-GOOD: "You should vote for Candidate X because…”.